Monday, January 16, 2012

Review of Road Trip of the Living Dead by Mark Henry

From Goodreads;
Celebrity party girl Amanda Feral is back from the dead, and hungrier than ever for a good time. With her zombie gal pal Wendy and vampy gay sidekick Gil, this stone cold fox is dressed to kill, on the prowl, and ready to take a big juicy bite out of Seattle's supernatural nightlife. But what's a zombie chick to do when her 'Mommie Dearest' gets sick? If you're Amanda Feral, you can either ignore the wicked old witch - or bury the past by visiting Ethel before she kicks it. Amanda's not thrilled about the idea of crossing three states just to be criticized. But Wendy, who's always looking for fresh meat, is up for the adventure. And Gil, who just launched his 'luxury' resurrection business, needs to disappear because a pissed-off client is out for his blood. First, they pack their stiletto pumps and plasma into a skeevy rattrap on wheels that used to be a Winnebago. Then, with a little help from a Korean-ghost hood ornament, a masochist named Fishhook, and a slew of 'moderately accurate' psychics, they hit the highway - their way. Of course, they'll have to navigate past some neo-Nazi skinheads, a horny dust devil, a hunky werewolf cop (who could pass for an underwear model) and an unsightly horde of supermarket shoppers. But for this glamorous gang of ghouls this trip is about to take a dangerous detour that could give road kill a brand new meaning.


* My Review
If you guys haven't read any of Mark Henry's books you are missing out. He has such a great sense of Humor and it comes through in his writing. Through out The Amanda Feral Series there are foot notes that will have you cracking up! I recommend reading these books in paperback, I've heard it gets a little screwy with footnotes on ebooks. Not sure, I read paperback.  This is book 2 in the series, book one is Happy Hour of the Damned.
Well it is definitely a road trip from Hell. Amanda's Mother is in a old folks home and is not expected to live much longer. Wendy and Gil give Amanda a hard time about not wanting to go see her but they don't understand how horrible her Mother was growing up. Gil ends up getting in a bit of trouble so they skip town. Their road trip takes a lot of unexpected turns and they meet some new, strange people. I think this book was great, Mark Henry's writing is awesome. It always has me laughing one minute and cringing the next! If you love dark humor his books are for you.

 Here's a video of Mark Henry (aka Danny Marks writes YA under this name), answers questions about his fave book, what character would he like to be, first book to ever read, etc.
I hope you guys read his work, you won't be disappointed. From what I hear he will be at Authors After Dark in New Orleans this August! Can't wait to meet him.

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  1. I've been hearing really good things about these books. The premise alone sounds very funny. I love the idea of footnotes.


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