Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do you listen to Audio Books?

This is a growing interest of mine. I recently got my first Audio book from Audible.com and I enjoyed it. What are your thoughts on Audio books? What really drew me in was on Audible.com you can get a 30 day trial membership for free and get two audio books for free. So I thought why not! If your already a member they are having a sale that runs until March 13th called the win win sale, some great books for only $4.95! A few that really stuck out to me were these;

  I would love to hear what your favorite Audio Book is or if you have a favorite Narrator.


  1. I am a huge fan of audiobooks. Jim Dale who read the Harry Potter books is an amazing storyteller! If you decide to get the Jeanine Frost book on audio beware the narrator does Bones up in a cartooney cockney accent. It's hilarious and grew on me after my initial shock!

  2. Well I've already read Jeaniene's books in paperback but you got me interested, I might check out the free preview just so I can hear it! lol

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE audiobooks! so much!! And I love audible! I have a platinum membership and I constantly get new audios :)))

    My favorite narrator is Phil Gigante *sighs* he narrated the Dreamfever and Shadowfever together with his wife Natalie Ross. He also narrated all of KMM Highlander novels... This man could read a phone book and I would listen!
    Shadowfever is one of my fav audiobooks! And then right afterwards come the Iron Druid Chronicles narrated by XX (forgot his name) but I LOVE him!

  4. I definitely want to get the Iron Druid Chronicles! I'll have to look into Phil Gigante too :)


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