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Bleeding Hearts by Ash Krafton Review

From Goodreads,

Sophie Galen is an advice columnist whose work leaves her neck-deep in other people’s problems. Thanks to her compassion, her gut instinct, and her magnetic charm, Sophie really knows how to attract little black clouds.
Marek Thurzo is no little black cloud; he’s a maelstrom. Marek is Demivampire, a race with the potential to evolve into vampire. A warrior who’s taken his share of spiritual damage, he hovers dangerously close to destruction.
He seeks salvation. She’s driven to save him. But what if he can’t be saved?
Sympathy for his plight becomes true empathy as Sophie’s hidden nature is revealed. Marek suspects she may be one of the Sophia, oracle and redemption of the damned Demivampire. She alone can turn back the evolutionary clock.

All she needs is the courage to face her fears. Can she save him from Falling?
  This was a fantastic book! You know how sometimes in books there are slow spot and then really action packed spot? This book carries a steady stream of vivacity. I found it very hard to put down. From the beginning you will be charmed to Sophie's character. She's a coffee loving, kind, witty, brave advice columnist who meets a wonderful Man named Marek one day while walking through a Museum. They have an instant connection and start spending much time together. Sophie can feel that there is darkness inside Marek and she starts to think that Marek is spending time with her because he is looking for help to deal with all the darkness. Little does she know, that isn't the case at all and that there is world around her that she doesn't even know exist. 
Don't think this is just another Vampire story, it's so much more than that. It's a completely different twist on the Vampire world. Full of emotion, very well written and the story has a wonderful flow. It was great to read a story that was unlike any other Vampire story I've read, so refreshing! The story does end off with some loose ends and I will definitely be getting the sequel called Blood Rush. 
I am so grateful Ash Krafton asked me to review this book and I can't wait for you all to get a copy and fall under it's compulsion!
Some Favorite Quotes from the book
  • "I slipped my arm around his, delighted in the firmness of his bicep. Sigh. It didn't take much to thrill me."
  • " To see time etched in an old friend's face is to acknowledge those years that slipped by, nearly uncounted."
  • "Was I a saint for helping people the way I do? Or a devil, for insisting God needed me to do it for him?"
  • "Pain has it's own rules. It's a mountain, a big one that gets in the way of living. You can't just go around it. You have to find the tunnel and go through it. It's scary but if you try to avoid it, you're just walking uphill the rest of your life."

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  1. Hi! I was looking at your Hunky Hero giveaway and saw your review! I just won this book (yesterday) and it's great to see your review! Just make me want to read it more! Thanks for sharing, first time on your blog: awesome, I love your background!


    1. Thanks for looking around Proserpine, I love to read small press Authors as well as the Best Sellers so you'll find a pretty good selection here. This book was so well written, you'll love it!

    2. Awesome review! I love the blurb. I will be adding it to my TBR. :)


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