Friday, May 4, 2012

Early Review of Darkness Surrendered by Stephanie Rowe

From Goodreads,
Six hundred years ago, Elijah Ross was tortured into insanity and thrust into a mental hell that no living creature has ever survived…except him. Now, that same evil is back, and Elijah is all that stands between it and the destruction of all of humanity, but each step he takes drags him further back into the nightmare that once consumed him. Elijah's only chance is Ana Matthews, whose sensual kisses and passionate fire thrust hope and light into his blackened heart and fragmented mind, but her deadly past could be the final trigger for his descent into irretrievable madness and the destruction of his soul…and humanity.

 Book three in the Order of the Blade series starts off at break necking speed. The forbearer of the Calydon race, Ezekiel, is walking death. He's a bitter warrior full of evil that has been locked in a isolated prison for 2 thousand years and he has just escaped which in turn has cause the underground tunnels to collapse around Elijah. The other Order members are frantically searching for him as well as Ana Mathews, Elijah's mate. Ana and the Order Members are starting to lose hope that Elijah is still alive until Ana feels a flicker of energy and immediately knows who it's coming from. She starts to dig through the rubble with her bare hands, desperate to get Elijah free until the other Order members come to help with shovels. What she sees once Elijah has been freed shocks her to her core. The condition of his body is so severe Ana doesn't know how he's still alive. Not only is everyone worried about Elijah going Rogue since he has found his Sheva but Elijah doesn't know yet that Ana carries his mark.

Stephanie Rowe has created a world so full of raw emotion it's hard not to connect with these characters. The fierce determination in Elijah and his feeling toward Ana are so intense that what Ana is makes no different to him. I really like the idea of how the mating is done in stages and how the warriors mark appears on his mate. *SPOILER ALERT* What I didn't expect to ever happen was the possibility of a Sheva to carry TWO marks! That was a great twist to the story and the way it played out was brilliant! 
I found this book hard to put down, it has a great flow to it and the action will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Received this ARC for review, thanks Stephanie for the opportunity!
Release day is May 15, 2012 and is in Ebook only!

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