Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Highlights From Authors After Dark Convention

Let me start out by saying what a fantastic convention! This was the first convention were I went for the entire event and not just the open signing. From my experience it was absolutely flawless, everything ran very smoothly and the events/panels were great! All the hard work that Stella Price and her staff put into this con really showed and everyone there had a blast! I was very excited to meet Mark Henry, I have been a fan of his Adult series called the Amanda Feral series for a long time and to hear him during the panels talk about his books was great. He is so funny and I noticed a lot of people talking about how awesome he was and was interested in getting a copy of his book. I couldn't help but think YES! He is awesome and your going to love Amanda Feral! Lia Habel was another fan girl moment for me, I love the spin on Zombies she has taken in Dearly, Departed. Her outfits are so extravagant and gorgeous! Such a beautiful person!
TJ Michaels was another Author I was excited to meet because we have talked on Facebook and it was great to meet her in person! So beautiful and nice but very hard to track down! lol
  The Steampunk Tea Event was awesome,
 All of the costumes and hats were so cool! We all had tea and snacks along with some great giveaways. I actually won a fantastic tote bag full of goodies for my costume. This was the first time dressing up in steampunk and it was so fun! I can feel an addiction growing.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for Erin McCarthy's field trip where we took a walk around New Orleans. Seen some awesome architecture, amazing cemeteries and Erin told some history behind some of the buildings. The metal work you see everywhere is gorgeous! Especially when the plants hang over.
I've always had a thing for Cemeteries, and the ones in New Orleans are F'in awesome! I ended up falling behind in the tour because I was totally in my element taking photos.  

On Friday Night we had the Masquerade Ball which was a blast! That is me in the red wig dancing it up with Voodoo Charlie, one of the tattoo artist, and my cousin! We had sooo much fun and drank way too much! lol

 Last but definitely not least the fab hotel we all stayed at The Royal Sonesta Hotel.  Beautiful hotel and the staff were all so nice! Actually got to talk to some of them during my tattoo session and they had some pretty good stories about other event that had taken place there like the swingers convention. Needless to say I felt sorry for the people that had to clean the hotel after that...gross! 

Trying to post an overview of this con is difficult because so much happened, all in all I had an amazing time and I'm very excited for 2013 which will be in Savannah! To see all photos I have taken you can find them all HERE and even more over at Authors After Dark's FACEBOOK PAGE

Huge thanks to all that made this Con an event I will never forget! 

Registration for 2013 will open soon and I will let you all know!      

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