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Caridad Pinero Tour Stop

                                                              THE SHIFTER'S KISS
                                                        Erotic paranormal romance novella
                                                                        March 2013
                                                           Harlequin Nocturne Cravings

After almost losing his life in the line of duty, firefighter Victor Edwards turned to his true passion: the ocean, the one place he feels at peace. By day, he studies a magnificent shark. By night he is haunted by erotic dreams of a beautiful woman, filled with a longing he can’t understand.
Nali is almost the last of her kind. She knows it’s dangerous to swim so close to shore, but she is drawn to the scarred man watching her and craves his touch on her human form. She can’t help revealing herself to help Victor when he’s injured—and offering herself to him for one week of pleasure. For she only has a few days before she must return to the sea…
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                                                   GHOST OF A CHANCE                                                A paranormal romance novella
                                                            December 2012
True crime writer Tracy Gomez is unsure of what to make of the unusual invitation from New York City attorney Peter Angelo: A one million dollar prize to anyone who can solve the mystery of three deaths which had occurred nearly eighty years earlier. Tracy desperately needs the money to fix up the old inn she’s just inherited and solving the crime will also provide welcome publicity to help her sagging writing career. But accepting the invitation brings unexpected challenges, like spectral help during a séance and Tracy’s attraction to the sexy attorney monitoring the contest. Does Tracy only have a ghost of a chance to discover the secrets of the past or can she win a prize far better than a million dollars?
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Caridad Piñeiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word through high school, college and law school. In 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released and over a decade later, Caridad is the author of over thirty-five published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista.
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* Do you have any rituals you do before you sit down to write? 
 I usually do most of my writing in the morning, so the first thing I do is fix myself a nice big cup of coffee. I also generally write with the television on, so I pick a movie/show that fits the mood of the story I am writing.
*I know some Authors do not like to read reviews of their books. Where do you stand on this?
 I do read reviews because I want to see what people like and don’t like about a story. If there are many of the same comments about something that wasn’t working, I see what I can do to improve that element of my storytelling. Also, if a number of readers mention secondary characters and how they liked them, I try to see if I can create a book where those characters are the main protagonists. For example, a number of people have asked about Sammie and Ryan from the SIN HUNTER series, so I will be doing their book, THE SHATTERED, later this summer.
* Do you have a crazy fan story?
I don’t have one! I’ve met so many lovely and wonderful people through the writing. I have to say that’s been one of the nicest parts of the whole experience.
*Biggest pet peeve?
 Negativity. I always try to stay positive and offer up positive things for people and it’s tough to deal with someone who is always negative.
*Are you attending any Conventions in the coming year?
I will be at the RT Convention in Kansas City and Philadelphia Comic Con. I may also be doing some other conferences.
*What are you working on now?
  I just finished a sequel to THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE with Prince Alexander’s younger sister, Tatiana. Had lots of fun writing it. I’m also finishing up the third book in the relaunched THE CALLING/REBORN vampire novel series. I’m really enjoying the darker elements in this story as well as the continuing romance with Diana and Ryder. The tentative title of this book is BORN TO DIE.
*Do you ever get inspiration for a character from people you meet? 
 I’ve been inspired by some features, like fabulous-colored eyes, or a name, like Ryder.
*Out of your books do you have a favorite character or one that was really easy for you to write?
I do have a favorite and that’s Diana Reyes from THE CALLING/REBORN. From the moment she popped into my head for DARKNESS CALLS, I have not been able to shake her. I’m glad we’ll see more of her in future books. The first one will be out in the summer and it is titled BORN TO SERVE.
*What genre of books do you prefer to read in your down time?
I like reading romantic suspense and contemporary romances in my spare time.
* I know some of us here at All the Fun Starts After Dark are guilty of this so I gotta ask, Have you ever bought a book because of its cover?
Hmm. Well. I feel guilty admitting it, but yes, I have judged a book by its cover. It’s hard to ignore sexy man chest, you know. It just grabs my eye and then I grab it. The book, not the man. Unfortunately. LOL!

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