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Carina Press
18 February 2013
ISBN: 978-14268-9511-1
Six years ago, Haidyn Mast left his home and his betrothed Anisa to follow his magical calling. Too weak to join the Arcane Guild and too ashamed to return home, he has made a life as a prostitute--to all outward appearances. In truth, he sells his mind but not his body, using magic to let his clients experience their most secret fantasies while his hands stay clean. Even the Lawman, the arbiter of justice in Reseda, is one of his clients, but Haidyn would rather not know the extent of that man's depravity.

Though successful, Haidyn is shunned as a whore and his lack of formal training is causing his power to grow out of control. He's ready to retire and leave the city, but when he sees his Anisa standing at Lawman's side, he knows he must rescue her from the abusive enforcer. Risking his life and his sanity, he devises a plan, knowing that failure will mean death for him, and a lifetime of torment for her...

Shona Husk Bio

Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn't looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she weaves new worlds and writes heroes who aren't afraid to get hurt while falling in love.

With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Ellora's Cave, Samhain Publishing, Carina Press and Sourcebooks.
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DARK SECRETS Blog Tour Schedule

02/03 - GraveTells
02/04 - I Smell Sheep

* Do you have any rituals you do before you sit down to write?
No. I’m really boring. I just sit down and write. After a couple of hours I’ll have a hot chocolate and a little break but then it’s back to it. Because I have a part time day job and kids my writing time is valuable and I have to get on with it.

*I know some Authors do not like to read reviews of their books. Where do you stand on this?
Some get sent to me by reviewers or the publicist at Sourcebooks, some I see via google alerts. I’ve read good ones and bad ones. They are a fact of life. There are plenty of popular books that I’ve hated. If we all liked the same books the world would be pretty boring and we wouldn’t need lots of different stories.

* Do you have a crazy fan story?
No, my fans are delightful.
*Biggest pet peeve?
Getting stuck at the day job. People not responding to emails, stepping in cat chuck at 6am. Discovering I’ve run out of chocolate…the usual kind of stuff.

*Are you attending any Conventions in the coming year?
Yes, I’m going to the ARR convention in Brisbane (Australia) and also the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle (Western Australia). The cost of going to the US means I can’t get over there every year :(

*What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished the edits on my July release The Outcast Prince, and I’m working on book two in the series, Lord of the Hunt. In between that I’m writing some more erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave.

*Do you ever get inspiration for a character from people you meet?
I don’t write people into my books.  Things that I read in the newspaper, or pictures that intrigue I cut out and put in my ideas box but by the time I start writing a story it can be hard to pinpoint where the idea’s came from as they’ve sat in my mind tumbling around for so long. Often to the point of being unrecognizable from what I thought the story would be.

*Out of your books do you have a favorite character or one that was really easy for you to write?
I usually love whatever I’m working on :) Dark Vow was very easy to write, the sequel Dark Secrets was a bit tougher as I wasn’t sure about the hero—I loved him but I wasn’t sure anyone else would.

*What genre of books do you prefer to read in your down time?
I like romantic suspense, erotic romance, fantasy, historical and paranormal romance. I’ll read just about anything if the blurb catches my eye.

* I know some of us here at All the Fun Starts After Dark are guilty of this so I gotta ask, Have you ever bought a book because of its cover?
Yes. Once that I regret. But most recently the book was as good as the cover (The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton). Covers are important as they are the first thing we see when picking up a book. I think the cover artists and marketing have done a brilliant job if people are picking up a book based on the cover.

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