Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow

Blurp from Goodreads:
Copernicus H. Stringfellow A.K.A. Nick is not your run-of-the-mill genius. His mind is so powerful it can stop a speeding automobile or stem internal bleeding. As Nick goes about quietly doing good, he discovers that his powers are greatly enhanced by the nutrients present in Twinkies. Follow Nick on his amazing adventures in this humorous & exciting action-packed book for all ages.

Copernicus H. Stringfellow, Nick was a special boy from birth. At a mere 6 months old he's speaking full sentences, starting college at age 11, it's easy to see just how intelligent he is. Losing his mother at 2 years old & raised by his Aunt Lilly and Uncle Stan in a small town, Nick is destined for great things. Most people would use the obscenely high IQ and mental abilities Nick possesses for fame or personal gain but not Nick! Nick is all about helping others from the homeless on the street to the ill in the hospital beds. Although Nick has an extremely large bank roll he believes in helping others help themselves when possible. While living in Seattle ( where this story takes place) Nick encounters several interesting characters he's drawn to who he ends up befriending, employing or both, with a romance in the mix as well. Helping out as many as he can along the way.

I have to say this was a very interesting read! I love the messages this book displays. As little as just being a good person without expectation to the much greater lesson of power equals responsibility, this is a very positive book. There is a lot of mystery going on, you are kept guessing the entire read. There are several intertwined stories happening simultaneously, this is definitely not a book that's easy to put down. Personally being a reader who prefers closure at the end I was somewhat disappointed more wasn't explained at the conclusion. All in all I enjoyed reading this novel. I feel it was well written, kept you engaged throughout and has great morals. Especially for younger readers. We should all try to be a little more like Copernicus H. Stringfellow.

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